Sources of Inspiration

Theresa is energized by her students, the TESOL International Association, The New School for Public Engagement’s faculty and professional development events, workshops at Teachers College Columbia University, and the powerful tools of collaboration, observation, and reflection.

To name an additional few:
Prof. ZhaoHong Han, second language acquisition researcher
Dr. Paulo Freire, educational activist and philosopher
Dr. Howard Garner, developmental psychologist
Dr. Stephen Brookfield, adult education and experiential learning scholar
Dr. Daniel Goleman, behavioral scientist
Jeremy Harmer, English language teacher educator
Scott Thonbury, English language teacher educator
Sharon Gannon and David Life, social activists and co-founders of Jivamukti yoga
Catherine Anne Jones, playwright and screenwriter
Lori Dixon, The COACH Learning Network, Learning Compass, ABT in Action
Dr. Eric Maisel, international creativity coach